In The Studio: Landscape Studies with Figures: watercolor

I am posting several paintings that I finished as demonstrations this last week.  I will be showing you the sketch or value pattern that I used for the demonstration so you can get a feeling for how I work on my paintings.  I always use a black and white 3 to 4 value sketch and hardly ever refer to a photograph while painting.  I do use photos to correct my drawings and to look for inspiration but I will always turn them over when the painting starts.  No matter how much I like the drawing and sketch, I will always look to the photo with all of its’ detail when given a choice.  Use the photo, make the sketch, and turn over the photograph.DSC_0009








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  • MercedesNovember 16, 2013 - 8:20 am

    I liked your teaching on drawing, sketching and stop looking at the photo. But I’m disorientated if I don’t see all my lines on my paper, or if I’m not looking my photo all the time. I cannot store things such as lines, colors and values in my mind. What can I do to overcome this?ReplyCancel