In The Studio: San Sebastian, Spain Workshop Day 1

Today we painting in a wonderful little harbor town just to the west of San Sebastian and I took a fairly distant scene and worked on simplifying the shapes, colors, and details.  The goal is to get one thing going well: brushwork, color mixing, shape making or water reflections, and to be happy if that one things is successful.DSC_0018Here is the painting and again I really have a poorly focused image, I paint pretty well but sometimes can’t get the picture right.  DSC_0012

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  • MercedesOctober 1, 2013 - 8:10 am

    Thanks again for sharing your work with me. It is gratifying that you’re in Spain, pity that not in Zaragoza because I should sign to your workshop. I am in charge of a dependent and I can not move from here. I love your painting, with yours interpretation of the mountainous background and the foreground Beach, I would like to see the photo of this view, to study how you have interpreted a so difficult plen air scene. I would like also your step by step. A greetingReplyCancel