Creative Jumpstarts: “Out Of The Corner”

I find myself in a corner, thus the title, the dreaded can’t get the juice going, can’t get the creativity turned on, and really not in the mood to paint.  I gave myself a few days to sit in the corner, that is a metaphor for those who know me well, I couldn’t sit anywhere for too long it is not part of my pattern.  Now I must find my way out, and sometimes I need to go back to the things that I teach.  I started my blog with a core set of lessons called Creative Jumpstarts,  you should check them out, scroll down to the bottom of the page and look up categories of jumpstarts and they will all pop up.  These were designed to help the artist get their mojo back without a lot of personal stress.  Simple, 30 minute exercises and then move on to the next one.

This lesson is all about that core idea, Start with a continuous line just free flowing across the paper trying to touch all of the edges of the paper and try not to think of subject matter.  When you are finished just start putting in some pure pigments and leave lots of white paper and see where you end up.  Here goes.

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