In The Studio: Just Paint 43 “Corner of River and Bay “

Today’s painting is a diffused lighting painting with lots of little detail marks to make the two basic shapes interesting.  It is dominated by the really long and varied fishing shed.  I used a combination of cadmium scarlet, burnt sienna and ultramarine blue for the shed and left lots of dry brush holes in it on the first pass.  The foreground is raw sienna, olive green and burnt sienna and I really laid the round brush I was using on it side as I put down the primary wash.  The sky is raw sienna first on the bottom edge and cobalt blue at the top, get them to merge for the light filled effect.

Run the sky wash cutting around the building and immediately paint the water with about the same color, leave and interesting white pattern in the water which will be important later for the reflecting in the water.

Use the side of a round brush and get a nice color feel for the shack leave lots of white areas, they are not totally related to specific objects of direction of light they are just potential places of interest, leave the boat shape white.

Pop in some dark accent pieces in the building, again using the side of the tip of the brush.  These marks need variety and texture to make them interesting.

Brush in the foreground with bold large brush marks, try really hard to get the texture in the shape but don’t think details.  Paint the water reflection, with a nice side to side brush mark, using a similar color to the red used for the shack.

Details in the foreground with a rigger and you are done.

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