Creative Jumpstart: Move the Shapes Around

In this jump-start I really want you to keep it simple and loosen up with color and design. If you make the shapes too complicated you will find it hard to rearrange them. The approach is to have several specific shapes which you will rearrange on the paper to create different and interesting compositions, my shapes are buildings with a strong triangle feeling, a foreground rock pattern, and a distant landmass, You will see I have created four fairly different designs. Try to move the center of interest around in each composition using contrasts of value and color. I think this is a good way to get started on inventing subject matter and find unique compositions that are distinctly yours. Make sure that you are really exaggerating the shapes and thinking about creating depth through overlapping. This exercise will really help you loosen up and get going with your painting. Pick the one you like the most and finish it, you will really like your composition.18 x 24 watercolor on Arches Rough18 x 24 watercolor on arches rough18 x 24 watercolor on Arches Rough

Each painting and composition should take about 15 to 20 minutes, make this an exercise for warming up and having some creative fun.  You can refine and polish the paintings later.

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