In The Studio: Painting and Day Dreams

It would seem like an artist could always pick up a brush and I don’t know do something creative that is what we are paid all the big bucks for.  Paint it, sign it and then answer the door, the next patron is stomping up the walkway no amount of hell or high water will stop them from laying the money down and walking off with the next precocious child.  God if only that were the case.  But back to the picking up the brush.  Sometimes it weighs about 6 tons and is stuck to the table and nothing can be done to get it moving in the direction necessary to paint the next great masterpiece.  I sit around thinking I must have something big to say something really profound, that is what Diebenkorn did well at least that is the lie I tell myself.  Actually what he did was get up go to work in the studio, paint from 8 to 5, go home have dinner with his wife and then work some more in the evening, his brush only weighed several ounces.  Maybe it was his work ethic that made it lighter than mine because I refuse to give in to the fact that genius is the sole necessary ingredient, I think it is daily sweat and labor and from that genius blooms.  Well back to work I think the brush has been on a diet or I have been lifting weights, it feels lighter.“Tulips”  30 x 40 Acrylic on Canvas


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  • MercedesJuly 21, 2014 - 10:19 am

    you say truths as large as a mountain. thank for share themReplyCancel