In The Studio: Road To Ouray repost

TTtThis repost is of a fun painting about a favorite scene of one of my favorite people, who asked me to paint something of this area, I included it in my 90 paintings in 90 Days.  I hope you enjoy seeing it again.

15 x 22 watercolor on 300lb arches cold press.  Today I am back in the mountains again, and this demonstration is pretty similar in colors to the one a few days ago.  I am really trying to push the mountains way back in the painting by having everything in front of them be darker richer and for the most part warmer.  I layered the colors on the mountain ridges to get a nice feeling of overlap and I do think it works pretty well.  The field in the foreground has a repeat of all of the colors in the mountains, but it is just really heavy on the warm tones.When painting snow capped mountains go pretty slow and make sure to soften a few edges on the dark shadow areas.  The shadows are painted with cobalt blue, burnt sienna, and cobalt violet and I painted with an 8 round, each mark is important but treat them with a variety of edges, hard, soft and textured.

I moved up to a 16 round and really applied the paint in this areas, working from cooler to warmer and I used every edge of the brush to pull the paint around.  I used a lot of olive green, cobalt blue and burnt sienna.  The trees at the bottom are just suggested and on them I have added strong raw sienna and new gamboge.

Paint the foreground and leave a small irregular white strip above it for the little houses that will come at the end.  I used some really strong versions of all of the colors I used before.  Again I was using a 16 round.  When it is dry I added some buildings, foreground weeds and warm tones on the trees above the houses.  Keep up with me and your paintings will improve.  I know I’m feeling better.

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  • MercedesJanuary 17, 2014 - 7:17 pm

    These reposts have been to me the first time. I had lost. I liked very much your explain about the way you go extending the successive planes in the scene. I’m learning a lot with you. Thank youReplyCancel