In The Studio: Today’s Oil Painting: “Belted Galways at Sunset”

I am showing two versions of the painting one was at the stopping point in the morning and it really need help in resolving the big issues like color, value, and texture but it was a start and the nice thing about oils is that you can make the changes after a thoughtful critique as to where the painting needs to go.  The second version actually the first one I am showing is more complete and at this point I have resolve the values, and colors but I will probably play with some more in a few days after I have given it some rest and let my eyes see it better.DSC_000611 x 14 oil on canvas panel “Belted Galways at Sunset”

DSC_0008Really sorry about the quality of this image I didn’t realize it was so poor until the edit and by then I only had one image left, but you can see that it is pretty primitive and a long way from the finished painting.

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  • MercedesDecember 12, 2013 - 6:18 pm

    I like your rendering of the cows, and the warm mood of a sunset.ReplyCancel