Workshops: Rockport, Maine Day 5 “Pemaquid”

What a beautiful day it was, sunny, warm, and windy, everyone just loves to paint here.  I can’t imagine a more perfect day and the paintings the group did were quite fantastic.  My first demonstration was of the theme of looking through the scraggly pines out to the water and rocks, I decided to put a few figures in, which helps sell the center of interest.  I kept the light filtering behind the trees and built up the rocks, when the figures came into the scene they were perfect because they helped pull the center of interest off to the right of center.  Don’t be afraid to grab a figure and put in your painting, it will always be the center of interest and it will add some professional touches to your work.

Afternoon’s quick demonstration, rocks, water and trees.   Lots of lively colors and brushwork.

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  • mercedesSeptember 6, 2013 - 8:21 am

    Steeve, thankyou very much for you share with me your actual workshop. It is being very instructive for somebody as me, who is trying begin to paint outside from nature. I need learn much more before I dare go out with my paints and pencils and start it. MercedesReplyCancel