In The Studio: “4 Versions of the Same Subject”

As I was saying in the last post I have several favorite subjects that I return to on a regular basis.  Today I am posting another of my favorite subjects and that is light glancing off of the water at marshes, at different times of the day.  There are four of these paintings I am posting two are oils, one is a transparent watercolor and one is an opaque watercolor but all three are of the same subject a marsh.  Enjoy.The focus of this painting is the color and light of the sky reflected in the water at Prouts Neck, Maine.  In order for the painting to work you have to get to the water right after the sky is established.  Then move on to the rest of the subject matter try not to get too involved in the details.  This oil painting is of the same marsh at sunset and I made this value and color up from memory.  I really tried to express the feeling of the drama of sunset without getting sweet.This opaque watercolor I painted as a quick demonstration for my Studio Class at the Art League and my goal was to use a complementary feeling palette and to avoid using a traditional color feel.  I think it was successful.I posted this oil a few weeks ago and thought you would forgive me since it is necessary for this blog.  I Feel the light and ripples on the water and the movement out on the main body of water.  Last thought is that if your goal is to be an artist or painter and not just a transparent watercolor artist  then move into some new mediums and expand your creative horizons.

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  • Pat McSwainAugust 17, 2013 - 12:20 pm

    These are great! Glad you posted the oils with the watercolors–gives those of us struggling with oils good models to experiment with.ReplyCancel