In The Studio: Just Paint 35 “3 O’clock”

This is a pretty straight forward little painting since really all I am doing is painting the shadow shapes on the subjects and trying to keep them, for the most part, reading as one shape.  It is important when approaching a painting like this that you first understand how you will separate the shadow forms from the other light and middle values if you are confused the painting will be confused.  Take a few minutes and sketch the shadows and try to keep them reading a continuous color and form.  Have fun this has long term importance in your painting.

The colors are the same as I always use, I have pretty small number of colors on my palette and try to vary them enough to not need more.   The secret to color is learning to use the ones on your palette, getting variety of hue, value and intensity.  Practice using you colors when you practice with your brushes.

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  • PatJune 3, 2013 - 1:36 pm

    “separate the shadow forms from the other light and middle values”-very helpful–thanks for posting this, Steve!ReplyCancel