In The Studio: Just Paint 30 “Eye To The Island”

Following up on the theme of the last post I am painting another figure at the waters edge.  Getting comfortable with figures is a good thing to do since it is pretty hard to imagine many scenes, except the bowl of strawberries on a quilt, where figures are not a big part.  Again make sure you are happy with the drawing and then when you begin to apply the color let the colors merge between the different areas of the figure, hair to face, head to shirt, shirt to pants, pants to shadow this is actually in the learning phase more important than the drawing.  I am using raw sienna, yellow ochre would be better, cad scarlet and cerulean blue for the flesh tone, raw sienna and cobalt blue for the hair, with just a small amount of burnt sienna when darkening.   The shirt is strong raw sienna with just a touch of burnt sienna for the shadow.

The pants are cobalt and cerulean with a little burnt sienna, the rocks are raw sienna with a little cobalt blue and olive green.

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  • Wyna WoodfordMay 27, 2013 - 1:04 pm

    I have SO enjoyed your painting every day! love the loose suggestive style! am hoping to do something every day in June.
    inspirational blog! thanks