In The Studio Just Paint 28 “Fat and Happy”

Today’s painting requires a little bit of drawing but the composition is pretty straight forward. Make sure you like your drawing and use a slightly smaller brush than normal this will give you some extra control.  By the way, I would use a round brush flats will just make getting the round form that much harder.

Wash the sky with a grayed blue color, I used ultramarine blue and a small amount of burnt sienna, leave a few interesting white shapes for an impression of clouds.  Run a wash of a raw sienna mix which has a little portion of the sky grey mixed into it.  Cut around the top edge of the cows, make it a good contour, really get a feeling for this edge, it is important.Brush a second wash on the background hill with a green color, I used olive green, keep the edge of the cows.Paint the cows with a fairly strong mix of burnt sienna, and ultramarine blue, but these are not grey cows they are white faced herefords, they are a beautiful rust colored brown.  Darken the form of the cows making sure to leave a feeling of light on the top edge.  I put a cool grey on their faces with a hint of eyes and mouths but this is not a portrait.  Less is more, I promise.  Add the shadows underneath them.A few details, fences, weeds, and darker passages in the field, and trees.  It should be loose but with a nice feeling of detail.

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  • Colleen SaboMay 24, 2013 - 3:08 pm

    I love the closeups of these cows–very cool–proves you’ve got to know what you paint, and paint what you know.ReplyCancel