In The Studio: Just Paint 25 “You Did What?”

Okay so I having some fun here with a quick sketch I made with a nice soft pencil, I wanted the emphasis to be on the posture of the two women, especially the one leaning away from the other person.  It is almost like the words are moving her back.  Very fun.  The painting is not memorable but as I always say they don’t have to be they just have to be an honest and straight forward  approach to a unique composition.  Get in the habit of drawing daily and really working on the lines and gestures of the things around you.  Learn a shorthand interpretation of things that you find interesting.  I am not too concerned that the woman on the right has a big head lots of people do and maybe she is just having a big hair day.  I wish I could have a big hair day but now I can have big forehead day.  Sketch in the figures using a soft pencil it doesn’t have to be a dark one like a 6b but just one that puts a lot of graphite on the paper.  I want to see the the colors from the figures into the background and leave white paper on the edges of the women.  This is not a figure painting with all of the details in place it is a composition with fun shapes and vibrant colors. Big Difference.Paint the background cutting around the figures and then follow up with some darker passages on the figures.  Restate the drawing, try not to completely copy the first drawing just emphasize a few contours.A few more dark accents and fun little marks and this is a done deal.

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