In The Studio: Now My Studio is Full, The Babies Have Come Home

Several years ago I lent out to a real estate friend 60 or so paintings and well they all came home today, Yes not one sold but I still like them so maybe someday they will.  I am going to show you all a few of them and this will have to do for my blog for a few days I will be unable to put anything up until Sunday.  Yep I am going away.  Mixed media on canvas “Red Socks” 24 x 24Acrylic on canvas 30 x 40  “Tulip”Acrylic on Canvas 30 x 40 “Reversed”Acrylic on canvas “Salt Lake Flats”  Acrylic on canvas  “Southwest Mesa”  Acrylic on canvas “Gurnsey” 30 x 40Acrylic on canvas “Around Town” 30 x 40Acrylic on canvas 16 x 16 “I Saw It In Brown”

This work represents a period in time when I was really pushing hard on developing an abstract language in my work.  As you can see from other things I post I work in three mediums with several different styles.  I feel very strongly that when abstract is right it is all I want to do and then I lose the edge and I go back into a more representational style.  I like them all they all express who I am and after seeing this work and the other 5o some paintings I think I will break out the acrylics and start talking in a more expressive and creative style.  Keep painting, keep trying and do it every day, unless you have someplace to go, I never mentioned that before but this is a life not a punishment.  See you all on Sunday.

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