In The Studio: Just Paint 20 “Evening on The Pond”

This composition and painting is for one of my friends from the workshop today, and I hope you don’t mind me picking up on your idea.  I wanted to make sure I explained how I would paint the scene.  Keeping the light behind the trees and pulling the light through the water makes an pretty interesting painting with a fairly simple subject.  I didn’t quite get anything to work the way I wanted except the sky and the water, I think the trees could be a little bit more interesting.

I painted the sky and the water with an 1.5 inch sky flow brush working on a cool violet light with interesting passages of white paper. I worked the brush in a curvilinear fashion trying to get as much variety in these simple passages.

I moved to a number 16 round and brushed in the trees making sure to let the light from the sky play through the openings in the trees and then picking up a few tree trunks and texture for the leaves.

Again with the round brush I mixed up a darker version of the water and painted in some movement and reflections.  I think this helps pull the water together.  I also scraped some lights off the rocks before they dried.

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  • christine gacharnaMay 12, 2013 - 12:55 am

    stunning. spectacularly stunning.ReplyCancel