In The Studio Just Paint 19 “Sunny Side of the Street”

This painting is all about the keeping the light on the building and using small pieces of light to move into the center of interest.  Use very expressive brush work and a very simple subject will come alive.  I used a number 16 round for the painting and I kept my colors merging on the paper.  I think this gives the painting a really strong feeling of sun and vibrancy.  See how many ways you can touch the paper with your brush to really invigorate the painting.I used a palette of cobalt blue, hansa yellow and new gamboge, burnt sienna, cobalt violet, thalo yellow green  and a little raw sienna.  Just remember to protect and preserve those white passages and let your colors merge on the paper.

Texture on the edge of the shapes helps to create a feeling of powerful light and movement.  Think about the edges as you go don’t wait until after you have painted and entire piece of the painting.  Once the areas has dried it is harder to soften an edge.The shadows have lots of color and texture as does the water.  All of this is important.  If you are not comfortable with your brushes and the marks they can make, then spend some time each day practicing with each brush.  This will really have a huge effect on the quality of your work.

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