In The Studio: Just Paint 12 “Two For Dinner Take 2”

Yesterday I painted this scene with a slightly different composition and with only one dog but today I wanted to play with the idea again.  I did four different compositions in my sketch book changing the focus and point of view and arrived at this painting.  I am not happy with the lack of color but perhaps I will get it straight when I grow up.Sketch book with all four ideas

The one I picked and I just noticed that I really changed the idea when I painted it.  I pushed the building way too high up in the painting, I didn’t even notice until right now.  I like the sketch better than the painting.I painted this on dry paper just leaving white paper and trying for a really rough textured edge.  I put in some slight suggestions of the foreground and some simple washes for the contour of the ground.  I splattered paint like crazy in the foreground blotting up the extra to keep it from being too messy.I painted the trees with a large rigger trying for just silhouettes and very little detail.Dark accents on the building, trees, figures and the pooches and some fine brush work for the weeks.  I think it is working pretty well but wow the colors are pretty bland.I put a slight cadmium scarlet wash over the building and a little bit of green on the figure, still pretty bland.  Okay maybe next time.  I think I will be back in the groove when I really get some energy back.  I am sure that is just around the corner.

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  • PatApril 30, 2013 - 6:20 pm

    Thanks for including all four value patterns, Steve. I kind of like the painted version, since it’s not just a straight walk in the snow for your dogs and figure.ReplyCancel