In The Studio: Just Paint 10 “Green Acres”

This painting is built on the last two, and no I have not gotten better, I am giving it up for you my friends, I have added a lot of details and subject matter, some of it works some of it is a little too much.  I do like the idea of this piece it has nice depth and interesting shapes but this time the sky got a little too low and I lost the contrast of the sky I wanted.  Maybe next time I do want this to work.  Cobalt Blue, olive green and cobalt violet make the sky a nice gray color, again I am using a 1.5 inch flat for the painting.  I add some hansa yellow for the hills to give a bit more vibrancy.Add some thalo yellow green and cerulean blue to the rest of the hills and the shape at the bottom.  Don’t forget to leave the white paper.  I cleaned up the lights in the sky with a damp paper towel.Adding a lot more pigment to make the mixtures dark, I create a texture along the ridge line and brush over the foreground.  Use all of the brush or all of your edges will be exactly the same.Still using the flat brush but really shaping the marks I drop in some minor detailsDetails and details, probably a few too many, but I felt good making the marks.  I put in the cows with a small round and a mixture of burnt sienna, ultramarine blue and cobalt violet.  Keep them only a suggestion.I add some cadmium scarlet and orange to the foreground and spot it around the distance.  I think the painting needed some zip.details of the cows and the red accents.  Have fun keep it loose and stay away from sick people.

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  • Wyna WoodfordApril 29, 2013 - 10:15 pm

    I absolutely love the way you painted this landscape. The suggested hills and trees and grass, and even the cows are just enough to tell me whats going on! I live on a ranch and am working on getting the suggestion of cows…..its hard! i am enjoying your blog!ReplyCancel