In The Studio: Just Paint 9 “Blow Down”

I will apologize again which I know makes a lot of you crazy but I am still really sick and am trying to get this painting to work.  I kind of like the sky and the color of the painting but I got a little sloppy in the water right at the end.  Sue me, but hopefully I will get better soon and I can keep it together for the whole dang painting.  Keep painting I am giving it my best shot.  I am also working really hard on getting comfortable with oils,  I will post one of those in a few days.Nice exciting sky with the rain shower on the horizon and the movement is good.  Same palette as last demo cobalt blue and violet, hansa yellow, olive green and new gamboge.Paint the cliff leaving light in the middle and then the foreground using a 1.5 inch skyflow brush splatter and scrape for texture and light.Put in some darker pieces using cobalt violet mixed with the green tones try to be selective on where you put your brush marks.Paint in the water and try to keep it moving not flat and dark like I did.  I just didn’t do it well, sometimes when you have one or two marks to make it would be important to really have the approach nailed before applying to the painting.  It is not terrible but not what I intended.Detail of rain and boats I think this worked really well the green boat is the blow down.  Man overboard!

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