In The Studio: Just Paint 5 “Almost Home”

This is a nice little composition, which almost breaks a major rule, I have the figure and horse just about to leave the paper not usually a good thing.  As a piece of counter movement I turn the cattle slowly back into the picture plane and head them all of the way back to the barn.  The barn in the distance with the hint of cattle balances the painting pretty well I was happy with that.  I struggled with the back legs of the horse so I buried them behind the weeds, it works and creates a more integrated shape.  This was painted on dry cold press arches paper and it was pretty much painted with a number 10 round brush and a very limited palette of raw and burnt sienna, ultramarine blue, cobalt violet and olive green.  This a dry arid landscape.  Have fun painting today it is only a little bit of your life you are giving up and the rewards are special.


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