In The Studio: Just Paint 4 “A Frames”

Using a flat brush I cut around white paper and tried to create a nice textural painting with vibrant colors and crisp brush marks.  I think it worked pretty well.  I did have a plan sketched out in my book which I think helps a lot when trying to come up with a fairly abstract approach to the subject.  I let the paint merge on the paper and just balanced things out with secondary washes.Bold passages of new gamboge, hansa yellow, cobalt violet and thalo yellow green and the white shape is starting to take form.  Don’t over think this step, let the paint flow and merge.I painted in some hints of mountains with cobalt blue and cobalt violet, leaving some white for abstract snowfields.  Think of this as necessary white shapes not specific mountains.  I scraped in some tree trunks and painted in some details for weeds and tree leaves.More brush marks and suggested details with orange, scarlet, and thalo yellow green.  Have fun with the brush and really express the scene.Cobalt violet, cobalt blue, and some burnt sienna for the shadows and dark textural marks.  I really tried to keep everything straight marks but still creative and varied.A few darks for trees and details and this one is finished.  It is Saturday and I have lots of other things to do like yard work yuck and shopping for cabinets, flooring and appliances, double yuck but I wanted to paint something it is the only way to get better.  I will ask again, and you?

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  • MercedesApril 7, 2014 - 4:17 pm

    This loose and expressive way of painting is liking me very much. Thanks for sharing.ReplyCancel