In The Studio: Just Paint 1 “Route 55, Winter Wheat”

I want you to walk in to your studio everyday like it’s your job and just paint something, pick anything to paint but paint. Read all the books you want they all are really good but nothing substitutes for actually dipping your brush in paint and running it across the paper or the canvas.  I am going to try to post something everyday and the mediums will vary, and the approach will be diverse so come along and let’s develop a lunch pail mentality.  Off to the studio we go let’s get started our art awaits.

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  • MercedesApril 6, 2014 - 5:25 pm

    Well, I’m willing to follow your new proposal. I love to do what you say that is good for us to do. I love how you paint and how you teach us. I’ll keep with you until you say stop, and you already don’t want to share any more with me. I hope that this doesn’t happen.ReplyCancel