In The Studio: Number 86 of 90 Paintings in 90 Days, “White Sheets”

In this painting really consider the passage of white shapes across the paper and not just focus on the idea that the shapes are buildings.  The shadow shapes will the the jewel of the painting and when you put them in try to be more creative than representational.  They should create interest and visual excitement.  Be free with your brush work and try to play hide and seek with the shapes.Bring the sky all of the way down to cut around the buildings and then immediately paint the trees remembering to overlap some of the trees in front of the buildings.  The houses are in the trees not just in front of them.Paint the foreground beach with a mixture of burnt sienna and raw sienna using the side of a round brush giving a nice textural feeling.  Paint the foreground reflections using yellows and greens to imitate the trees, and leave some simple shapes of white to give the impression of the white buildings.Using a mixture of cobalt blue, ultramarine violet, alizirin, and raw sienna create the shadows.  I say create since I want you to try to make them expressive and exciting and not just correct.  Use a small round brush.  Make them a statement.Put in some dark accents and details.  I over brushed some of the closer trees, giving a little bit of depth.  I also put a cerulean blue wash on some of the water.Detail of the shadows and foreground rocks and beach.

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