In The Studio: Number 83 of 90 Paintings in 90 Days “Late Snow”

Winter has returned to the studio and I was just beginning to enjoy the warmer weather.  Well it is fun to use all of this white paper to play the rich textured shapes against.  I tried to get a nice zig zag of diagonals across the paper.  The warm foreground textural shapes in the front and the cool featureless shapes in the rear.Cobalt Blue and cerulean blue for the sky and I added ultramarine for the tops of the mountain range and then while it was all still wet I brushed in some details of olive green to indicate some trees.  Keep this vague.I add some more olive green and cobalt violet to darken the trees coming down the hillside.  Leave white paper and texture the edges of the shapes with a round brush laid over on its side.Warm up the painting with burnt sienna and alizirin crimson with some ultramarine blue for the foreground weeds.  Scratch through the weeds with a knife, and remember to get some texture along the edge of the shape.With a mix of cadmium red, alizirin and ultramarine blue paint the reddish barns, leave the lights for the roof tops and cast the small piece of shadow of the foreground rooftop.Splatter a little cool grey in the foregound this gives some nice easy texture.  Add a few details on the barns and I added a few cattle and darkened the ground in the pen with some raw sienna.  Cows do stir up the snow a bit.

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