In The Studio: Number 70 of 90 Paintings in 90 Days, “Late 2”

This version of the painting I have lightened up the value pattern and moved in closer bringing the subject matter closer into the picture frame.  I have used the same colors I just left them a little less grayed.  I also let the white paper be a bigger portion of the paper.Use a light middle value cool grey for the sky using cerulean blue, cobalt blue, olive green with a touch of burnt sienna.  As the sky is drying but still damp paint a nice dark passage of trees using a variety of greens browns and blues.  Remember to cut around the tops of the rocks and the edge of the building.

Using the side of a round brush paint a vigorous warm grey in the foreground for the suggestion of the weeds.  Remember this is not just painting a brown lifeless color it is about expression of weeds with a variety of warms, raw sienna, burnt sienna, olive green.  Be creative.

Paint the shadows on the rocks with a light cool grey cobalt blue, burnt sienna, and cobalt violet use the same grey on the building just add a little cadmium scarlet for an orange feel.

darken the shadows on the rocks and and the house and put more details into the trees. put in the window and texture on the buildings.

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