In The Studio: Number 67 in 90 Paintings in 90 Days, “Winter Suite 2”

This painting should have darker values, less water, grayed colors, the addition of a complementary color, expressive brushwork, using the side of the brush, and a strong feeling of depth, more detail and harder edges up front and cooler softer shapes in the background.  Keep the light for the snow and it will be a success.  Oh if this is your first time to the site go back and look at them all I started in January.  DON’T FORGET SIGN UP FOR MAINE AND SPAIN THEY ARE GOING TO BE GREAT, AND ARE FILLING UP FAST.

I originally finished the painting at this point and after awhile felt it needed some foreground.  I played with a simple fence and a few suggestions of cows up by the barn.  I think it is much better with these additions.  Don’t be afraid to mess with your paintings if you feel some changes will make it better.

cows and fence added.detail of the cows.

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