In The Studio: Number 58 of 90 Paintings in 90 Days, “Done In”

Okay so some days your the windshield and some days the bug, as Mark Knofler so eloquently phrased it and today I was the bug.  When those days happen and you are going to paint something, go ahead and paint something.  This is a 10 minute little ditty about running paint on a damp paper, which from the moment I started until I finished I was wondering about this 90 paintings in 90 days.  I did find a nice white shape and preserved it even with the damp paper and for that I say success.  All else speaks volumes about having a plan and having some emotional attachment to what your doing.  I was in the office doing my job and that is all I can say.  It will be better tomorrow.  Well I hope it is.  I pretty much can guarantee it.  Enjoy it for the fact that it is quick, colorful and fun.  New Gamboge, Hanza Yellow, Thalo yellow green, cobalt violet and cobalt blue applied to damp paper with a round brush.  Save those whites at all cost.Put in some darker pieces of cerulean blue, more green and cobalt violet mixed with cobalt blue.  Keep working loosely and without rubbing the paper.burnt sienna is mixed with the cobalt violet to make some darker passages in the trees and the weeds.  For the shadow I added raw sienna with some cobalt violet and did it start running all over the place.  So much for damp paper.scrap out the trees and weeds, bring in some more of the dark passages cutting around negative shapes around the house.  Scrap some shapes into the shadows giving the feeling of windows and doors.  I then added accents to the windows, doors and eves.  As I said earlier this was a day of being the bug and I am looking forward to the next painting tomorrow.  I will do better I promise.

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