In The Studio: number 56 of 90 Paintings in 90 Days, “Shadows”

This painting using all of our skills, good edges, reserved whites, colorful shadows and vibrant colors.  Make sure that you are really expressing the shadows and not just putting in little black lines, the shadow are the secret of this painting, use the side of a round brush loaded with cobalt blue and violet warmth created with pieces of raw sienna and cadmium scarlet and don’t overmix.  As  not I am at a workshop with really slow internet so the up load is too slow for lots of descriptions.  If you have questions about this or last painting write a comment and I will reply.Brush in a light sky with cobalt and cerulean blue cut around roof tops and bring trees, and middle value darks around the right side of the building and down into the rocks,  the rocks are burnt sienna, alizirin, and ultramarine, scrape highlights and soften some of the edges.Make sure you leave space for the boats on the leaf.Paint in the shadows and remember to keep them lively, they are the paintings, use same color for the boats, and with the side of a round brush mix a rich dark for the dock, Don’t let the dock take over the painting.Add the figures and the loose details for window and doors, I used a color very close to the shadow colors for the doors and windows, not to hard and dark for these.Accents and details and sit back and smile at your efforts.details of shadows really make yours expressive and light filled.  Have a wonderful time I hope to see you down the road.

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