In The Studio: Number 49 0f 90 Paintings in 90 Days, “Irish Mist”

Keep this painting light and loose, working with cobalt violet, and raw sienna, and cobalt blue on damp rough paper.  Work with a 1.5 inch flat brush and try to keep the opening phase of the painting loose edges and no real detail.  Too much time on the paper and this one is gone quick.

Brush in a light cool grey and modify it with cobalt violet  and raw sienna, just get the movement of the thing.  Put in a diagonal piece of raw sienna from right to left in the front.Paint in the background hills with a stronger piece of violet and cobalt blue and touches of darker raw sienna.  Pull in a shadow in lower right corner with a little addition of olive green to the original cool grey mix.  Keep this light.

Drag some dark textural marks of raw sienna, cobalt blue, cobalt violet using a liner brush.  Again this is not a dark mark and is to create interest not specific details.

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  • Colleen SaboMarch 2, 2013 - 3:25 am

    This is a beautiful little painting–love the figures and the simplicity of this!ReplyCancel

  • MercedesMarch 26, 2014 - 7:51 am

    Interesting way to express the movement of water. Every day I learn something new. Thank you, SteveReplyCancel