In The Studio: Painting 44 of 90 Paintings in 90 Days

I guess my next painting is going to have to be something besides barns or else I will be accused of only painting fields and barns. Of course I do paint a lot of weeds, fields and barns.  This one is similar to the last post except the passage of lights are a more defined white pattern.  Keep your colors from being over mixed and this can be accomplished by just brushing them together on the palette but not stirring until they are absolutely a homogenized gray mix.

Paint the blue for the sky using a light wash of cobalt blue leaving a few pieces of light for clouds.  Brush new gamboge and hansa yellow over the blue and follow this with cobalt blue mixed with new gamboge for the green.  Leave some yellow in the trees for variety.

Across the foreground using a large round brush charged with raw sienna, burnt sienna, olive green  and leaving patches of white paint the weed area.  Scrape out some weeds and highlights.  Paint the buildings with a light grey for the middle building, and a warm brown grey for the right building.  The grey is burnt sienna and ultramarine blue with a lot of water, the brown barn is burnt sienna and ultramarine blue but is heavier on the the burnt sienna.  Keep both of these really light they will be the light sunlit sides of the building.

Over brush the trees with a darker green mixed with ultramarine blue and new gamboge, I painted this with a round brush.  Paint the shadows on the white house using cobalt blue, cadmium scarlet really try to keep the washes really light to give the impression of sunny day.

Paint in the cast shadows and the figures, make sure the light is coming from the same direction.

Using a small round brush, put in some dark accents, windows, doors, chimneys and tree trunks.  Brush in some details for the weeds.

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