In The Studio: Painting 34 of 90 paintings in 90 days, “Icy Pond”

In this painting I painted around all of the white paper leaving white pieces in the sky and in the pond.  I used a 16 round brush to paint entire painting, again using as many edges and angles as possible. Since the white paper is so important to the success of the painting make the shapes as creative and interesting as possible.  The colors that I used for this painting are cerulean blue and cobalt violet for the sky and this same mix with a little burnt sienna for the shadows on the snow.  The greens are a mix of new gamboge, and ultramarine blue and the warm foregrounds are raw sienna, burnt sienna and olive green.

brush the blue violet mix down to the top of the hill and pull a little of the color into the pond area, add a little raw sienna to this.  Try to get some texture on the edges of the clouds.

Paint some foreground weeds with an energetic textural and rhythmic brush don’t repeat the same brush mark too often and remember to change the speed of the brush too.  A quicker brush gives a more textural mark.

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