In The Studio: 30 Paintings 60 to go, “In The Woods”

In this painting I am trying to move the viewer around with a well constructed piece of white paper and in and around the white I am using lots of textural marks, expressive colors and descriptive brushwork.  Save the white and don’t over rub your colors, try to use lots of colors to create a fun and vibrant piece.

New Gamboge, lemon yellow, ultramarine blue, and thalo green are the colors I have started with, I am painting with a 1.5 inch flat brush.

Bring in some darker more descriptive passages of burnt sienna, alizirin crimson, and ultramaring blue.  After the colors set up for a few minutes you can scrape the highlights of the rocks, trees and foreground weeds.

Put in some fun and expressive  brush marks, using rich greens blues and dark browns.

Paint the water using the side of your brush, I used cobalt and cerulean blue and made sure that I didn’t over do the water.  This is a decorative expressive piece not a copy of a Wyeth, as if I could really copy a Wyeth.

Paint the trees with a line brush a put in some small detail trees in the background.  Have lots of fun with this, we are now a third of the way to the end of this project I hope yours is working really well.

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  • PatFebruary 18, 2013 - 9:39 pm

    Steve, this painting was a big help in my own painting of woods near my house in summer and ducks in the creek! 🙂ReplyCancel