In The Studio: Painting 29 of 90, “Evening light, Maine”

In this painting I am trying to capture the late evening light on the water.  The drawing has nice depth and I think the painting works pretty well.  It is loose colorful and evocative of the time of day, kind of the goal in landscapes.  Paint in on damp paper and try not to get too focused on each piece of the landscape but rather try to relate the shapes to each other with similar colors and overlapping edges.

Paint the sky down through the first two pieces of land, use a large flat brush and keep your colors rich.  If you overmix them they will become muddy.  I use some raw sienna at the horizon and then brushed gray mixture of cobalt violet, cobalt blue, burnt sienna and ultramarine blue to get the darker clouds.  The trees are various combinations of new gamboge, burnt sienna, ultramarine blue, olive green but with all of the mixes try for a feeling of green.

detail of trees on the left, they are dark rich green painted with a 1.5 inch flat.

brush in the foreground with a lot of raw sienna, new gamboge, burnt sienna and olive green, I also pulled a few highlights of cobalt violet to get some of the violet from the top of the painting into the foreground.  scrape the rocks and follow the land over to the right making really nice hook shape to enclose the water.

detail of the right side of the land.

paint in the reflections over the water and then paint the buildings with a light wash of cadmium scarlet, put a light cool grey on the roofs and after it is dry cast a few shadows on the roof.  Oh I scraped the little chimneys with a sharp knife.  It is a nice touch.

detail of buildings, shadows and scrapes.

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  • MercedesMarch 20, 2014 - 4:55 pm

    Interesting and complete explanation and beautiful painting with the half hidden and overlapping buildingsReplyCancel