In The Studio: Painting 27, “Yellowstone Falls”

15 x 22 rough paper, Now I titled this “Yellowstone Falls” and I have been to the area several times but I just made this up, there are falls and there is the Yellowstone so voila.  If you try this painting it is important that you preserve the little white areas for the falls and not rely on white paint and I would like it if you tried it without a masking fluid.  You can do this.  I painted the entire painting with a 16 round from the silver brush company black velvet line, I get no money from them I just like the brushes, cheap, quality made and durable a great combination.

cobalt and cerulean for the sky, try to make a nice piece of movement with white paper in the sky, if needed clean it up with a damp paper towel.  Protect the white pieces for the falls as you run the greens, the colors are olive green, ultramarine blue, new gamboge, and thalo yellow green.  I used dry brush on the edges to get some interesting edges.

I painted the rocks and started the cliff with the usual burnt sienna, ultramarine blue, cobalt violet and sprinkling of vibrant greens.  Scrape the edges and try to get some nice texture on the edges.

finish the cliff face with a stronger mix of the colors on the rocks and put on some thick pieces of vibrant greens.  Paint the water on the falls and beneath the falls using the point and tip of the round brush.  SAVE THE WHITES DONT OVERPAINT.  The mix is a cool leaning gray from ultramarine blue and burnt sienna.  Brush some greens and browns into the water for reflections.

finish the reflections and go back up into the facing green hill and lightly indicated some tree forms and put some darks around the falls.

detail of the falls and reflections.  Have a nice time with this, it will require a lot of brush work and lively colors but you can do it.  Especially if you have been keeping up with me.

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