In The Studio: 23 of 90, “Special View”

Okay so I will tell you the color is so wrong in the uploaded image but my strong suit is not photography.  That aside I loved doing this painting on many levels, the view is special and it reminds me of wonderful things.  The painting is very direct and colorful and has a nice sunny majestic feeling and after looking at my last two blogs it is not just a low horizon and a few boats and shacks.  Have fun with this, it was all painted with a 16 round and the colors were just about everything on my palette.  A full range of yellows, blues and greens, yes I use greens but I modify them with complementary colors.

drop in the color and leave white paper for the clouds, the blue is ultramarine and cerulean with an assist from paper towels to keep the clouds behaving.

Paint the foreground with vibrant mixes of raw sienna, new gamboge, burnt sienna, olive green and thalo lemon green.  Use the side of your brush to rough the paint across the surface of the rough paper.

Paint in the major mountains shapes and redefine the far away horizon.  The mix is ultramarine blue, burnt sienna and cobalt violet, vary the mix a lot, a don’t forget the few pieces of snow that are still showing on the mountain.  Paint with the side of your brush.

work in some green trees keeping a nice pointed mark for the western pine.Burnt Sienna with some ultra will give you the color for the rocks.  Just work on impressions of the objects not the real thing.

Paint the big trees, keep the brushwork lively and resist the “christmas tree” look.  I used Thalo green, burnt sienna, ultramarine blue for the darks and then I rough splashed some put pieces of raw sienna and burnt sienna into the trees.  I carved out some highlights with a knife.  Have fun and just work in a few details across the valley floor.

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  • PatFebruary 3, 2013 - 4:03 pm

    What a stunningly expansive landscape–I love the trees–rugged and elegant at the same time. Nice job, Steve!ReplyCancel

  • ChristineFebruary 5, 2013 - 12:54 am

    now I can have Lora’s office view in my office! I’m sooooo excited.ReplyCancel