In The Studio: 22 in 22 Days, “Light Breeze”

15 x 22 watercolor Arches rough.  In this little sketch I am capturing some light and a little of the activity around small sailboats racing, throwing in a few figures and oh what’s that some seagulls, I knew it would happen sooner or later.  Don’t give me any trouble, the dang things are everywhere, kind of like cows in the the farm land.  Use light filled transparent colors with a loose handling of the shapes, lift off the sails and clean up some of the clouds with a damp paper towel.  Cobalt and cerulean blue for the with just a hint of cobalt violet at the horizon.  Go ahead and put in the distant shoreline and try to reserve the lights for the sails without getting too careful.  Lift the shapes back to light after the paint has dried a touch.Brush in the foreground with new gamboge and raw sienna, and then move over to the building and cast some shadows.  The mix for the shadows is heavy on raw sienna, and is touched with some cobalt violet and cobalt blue, don’t rub this mix or is gets to be a deathly murky mess.Paint in the boat hulls, figures and windows and doors, try not to use too dark of a value or the marks will jump off the paper.  Paint some texture and abbreviated details in the foreground.

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