In the Studio: 21paintings, “Foot of the Rockies”

In this painting I am working on a nice overlapping landscape, or creating multiple planes, if when painting a landscape you keep in mind trying to create depth by overlapping planes then you will have much more successful paintings.  The trick is to keep the planes overlapping.  I am using nice cool colors in the background, cobalt blue, cerulean blue and cobalt violet.  I then add to these colors warmer colors, like olive green, raw and burnt sienna as I work forward.  I also make the shapes have more texture and hard edge as they get closer to the front of the painting.

cool washes on damp paper and the brush is moving really fast across the paper.  I want the edges to indicate the shapes but not be too hard edges.

Work in the warmer more defined shapes as you move into the closer shapes.  I am still using the same mix of colors I have just made them darker by using less water and more pigment.  You can’t make something darker my just overlaying middle value watery mixes.

Now really warm the mixture with olive green, raw and burnt sienna.  Keep your brushwork lively and don’t rub the paper.  Put the paint down and then put some more paint down be direct and have a purpose.

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