In The Studio: 15 Paintings 15 Days, “Fishing Creek”

This painting is all about like washes, lifts, and texture.  I painted it pretty fast to keep it loose and free, trying to capture the landscape and movement of the terrain around a tree lined creek.  I worked from back to front and worked on damp paper to keep the edges loose and fluid.  Give it a try.Finished painting lots of crisp brushwork and scumbling over layers of color.

15 x 22 arches coldpress paper

light middle value washes of raw sienna, burnt sienna, olive green, and cobalt blue and burnt sienna for the sky.  A few splatters to make some indication of the leaves.

I brushed on some more specific light valued washes for more follage, and then using a fairly large rigger I brushed in the trees working from back to front, cool grey in the back and warm darker greys in the front.  Move to the point of the brush for the fine details of the tree branches.

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  • Colleen SaboJanuary 24, 2013 - 2:31 am

    Where is this Fishing Creek? Mine is her on the Chesapeake Bay, near Chesapeake Beach. I don’t think you’ve been to mine. Looks just like your painting–in a few more months, not now.ReplyCancel