Acrylics: Evolution of “El Capitan”

I decided to rotate the painting and give it a more monumental look.  I took a lot of white and brushed off a tremendous amount of the outside of the painting and then worked into this paint with a flat putty scraper this really helped the focus and movement.  I also brushed a light mixture of iso yellow medium over some of the highlights pulling the yellow around as the modifying color.  I think it works much better this way.

“El Capitan” is the new title “traveling A” was its’ in progress name.

This painting started as a failed work on paper but I had put so much wonderful handmade rice paper and expensive acrylic paint that I decided to use it as a foundation for a further exploration. So far I have these three sequences and I am sure there will be more.22 x 30 acrylic on paper.  I first went around using Australian Sky Blue, Cadmium Red Light and Naples Yellow to block in some new forms.  The original piece was awash in dark Cobalt Blue garishly decorated with a predictable and boring of rice paper.  I liked this version much better but not good enough.I began to work some Titanium White over the Naples Yellow and spotted some lavender which is having a really hard time showing up in the image, I didn’t like it much anyway.

I have introduced some new pieces of lime green, and Izo Yellow mixed with Naples Yellow and I believe this has really given a stronger sense of focus and movement.  I am not happy with the piece now but I have another couple to work on so I will let it sit for a few days and jump on it with both feet in a few days.  NO PHILOSOPHY HERE JUST TRYING TO GET THE PAINTING TO WORK.  TOO MUCH OVER THINKING AND INTELLECTUALIZING WILL MAKE ME CRAZY.

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  • PatJanuary 21, 2013 - 1:00 am

    Steve, it is wonderful, even for those of us who haven’t ventured into acrylics yet, that you would share your process. Even more commendable, that you would post this although you are not yet pleased with the outcome, so thank you!ReplyCancel