In The Studio: 12 Days 12 Paintings “Blue Lake”

15 x 22 watercolor on paper

Today’s painting is about airing out the brushwork and using nice complementary colors.  The line in the sky is a failed attempt at running a warm light wash on the lower part of the sky.  It didn’t work so sue me.  Keep the focus of the painting low and resist the urge to push everything to the middle of the paper.

15 x 22 line drawing

Start at the top with a light cobalt blue, violet wash with some raw sienna at the bottom.  Raw Sienna and New Gamboge, Olive Green and Thalo yellow green is loosely painted for the horizon shape.  As a note I have my board elevated at least 30 degrees to keep the water running off the paper.

Foreground is strong mixes of raw sienna, burnt sienna, and the two greens.  Put in a few scrapes to get the highlights and modeled form.  Keep working at the daily exercises and if you miss a few just get started today and do as much as you can.  Definitely the progress will be most impressive with a daily commitment.

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