In The Studio: Number 9 “Waterfront”

Today the painting is about getting a strong feeling of light with lots of white paper, cast shadows, and bright colors.  I hope you enjoy it and it gets you moving along with me painting that painting everyday.  Now I must tell you that I will try to keep this pace up but you need to get going also.  I will be posting 2 today to make up for yesterday.  I teach three classes on Thursday each with a demonstration so I do paint but I don’t have time to do the posting.  Excuses excuses, I know we all have them.  Later today I will do the next one it will be fun and light filled also.  15 x 22 arches cold press paper 2b pencil drawing

I am running washes with a 1.5 inch white sable sky flow brush, making sure to leave my lights.  The colors I am using are Cerulean and Cobalt blue for the sky, Thalo yellow green, ultramarine blue and New Gamboge for the tree areas.  I am cleaning up the edges of the roof with a 1 inch flat sableline brush from Winsor Newton.  I love this brush for lifting.

I paint the shadows with a number 12 round using cobalt violet, cobalt blue and a hint of burnt sienna, sadly the shadows are not my favorite but with step by step demo they will have to do.

I brush in the big rock form using a combination of raw sienna, burnt sienna, ultramarine blue and olive green making sure to keep varying the mixture to make it exciting.  Then when the glisten on the rocks is gone I scrape highlights off of the sunny side.  Learn to time this and your rocks will really come alive.

Details and accents are added and the painting comes together.  Remember that most paintings are looking resolved until you work out the finishing touches so don’t give up too soon.


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