In The Studio: Number 5, “Valley Floor”

Looking out across a lush valley, it will be hard to edit and focus on what is important and what is not.  The agenda for the painting should be top to bottom and then layer on the overlapping details.  Try to stay really organized when you paint because if not you will end up with a very messy and muddled mess. Work on your symbols and expressive brushwork to really get some fun things happening in the details. Again since I am working with just a general plan, no big design ideas, the painting is doing very little to further my reputation as a design and composition painter.  Oh well, I am working on staying in the studio and getting my year started.  I have already got more things going with other styles of painting than I did before I started this regime, so for me it is working just fine.  The goal is to paint, paint some more and just keep painting, and don’t look back. 

15 x 22 watercolor on arches cold pressed paper.  A simple line drawing will do for this exerciselively colors, cobalt violet, cobalt blue, new gamboge and aurelean, aliz crimson, leave lots of white, use a round brush applying paint with the side of the brush.

begin to add some details, lines and symbols, keep it simple and not too fussy

Finish off the painting with some well placed darks, a little more focusing details, and stay loose.  If you struggle with your brush then practice there is no way to understand a well crafted brush mark by reading about it .

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  • MercedesMarch 11, 2014 - 9:59 am

    I appreciate the tips you interlocking in your explanations, as keep painting, having a place to do it, practice with the brush and others. They are really valuable, because although they are obvious, they are sometimes forgetted. Your picture is wonderful, I like it very muchReplyCancel