In The Studio: Day 2 Living up to the Resolution

Today’s painting is another really simple subject, a very light valued, quickie capturing a couple walking down a path.  Not much of a composition and really not a great painting but the lesson here is to find a fairly interesting subject that you can spend a little bit of time with to churn back up your skills.  Remember the secret to getting better is to paint, not to read about it but to actually paint.  It is not like every painting will be the Mona Lisa, some will just be a little bit of work.  I used Alizirin Crimson, Cobalt Blue, Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna and New Gamboge.  I hope you have  good day.  Oh and by the way try to set up a little painting area that you can keep just for your art, and then everyday when you are ready to work the supplies are ready to go.  It will prove some dedication and make the process easier.Simple drawing with a 2b pencil on 140lb cold pressed paper.  Don’t get too involved with the drawing but do have a plan.Loose washes on fairly wet paper, the board is elevated about 30 degrees, and I am using a 1.5 inch sky flow brush.Finished with a rigger brush to put in the details.  The paper is still damp I am just regulating the water in the brush by flicking the brush into a trash can.

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  • MercedesMarch 10, 2014 - 6:12 pm

    How simple work and beautiful paint. Thanks for the explanation.ReplyCancel