In The Studio: Keeping Themes going

I have been working on color and texture impressions of landscapes from my recent trips, dating back to my several trips to Botswana, most of these expressions are from the point of view of looking down from and airplane.  I am in love with desert textures and colors and find the dry ancient contours to be both sublime and serene.  I don’t try to give the viewer a painting of the desert but rather a feeling of the landscape.  Try to work through a theme with intimacy and passion and paint it until you have exhausted yourself and can say no more.   This might take a lifetime but if you are totally excited by it you will find new nuances in every impression.  30 x 36 Acrylic on canvas “Shades of Rust” impression of Colorado south of La Junta30 x 36 “Bloom, Colorado, Desert I chose to make this more of a springtime painting although this area is extremely arid and in a serious drought, Once a year during a rainy spell it can come alive with greens vegetation.  24 x 48 “Desert Rust” part of a 2 piece panel, this is an impression of the Khalahari Desert.24 x 24 “Desert, Lavender Sand”

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  • PatAugust 3, 2012 - 3:07 pm

    These are wonderfully vivid, Steve, and each scene is so expressive in imagination that the viewer is invited to be drawn in.ReplyCancel

  • MercedesMarch 2, 2014 - 11:42 am

    I love to read how you describe the deserts’ scenes and how you convey in your art.ReplyCancel