Video Demonstration: Paint an Opaque Figure

This demonstration is on painting using opaque watercolor on top of a wash of very strong transparent colors.  This approach is challenging but gives you wonderful color contrast and expressive edges.  Remember that when you move to the opaque colors a stiff bristled brush is required and there are many to choose from, I use many different kinds including the Skipper brush from Cheap Joes, and a 1 inch bright acrylic brush.  Try anything stiff that holds a nice edge.  The other main consideration is to keep the water content down, you need to be really diligent about shaking the excess water out of your brush or you will end up with muddied and uninteresting colors, too dry over too wet is the mantra.  Have fun, this video was shot in my studio by my wonderful friend Christine Gacharna,  we wanted the feeling of looking over my shoulder, as if you were watching me in the studio.  I think it is fun.

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