Creative Jumpstarts: Start With A Splash Part 2

I want to follow up on the recent theme of just expressing yourself on the paper leaving random pieces of interesting white shapes and using bold swatches of color, texture and line.  The goal as always is to develop a daily artistic wake-up exercise and work on improving our skills.  Keeping things loose and flowing will allow you to spend more time in the process and less time in the “what is it I’m not comfortable mode” I believe people quit developing as artists when they find a comfortable style that gives predictable results.  Fear of failing and painting ugly non-successful efforts keeps them from trying something new.  Remember every creative person learns new skills and the learning curve is always challenging and prone to mistakes and do-overs.

I am starting with just a wet in wet big brush passage of color beginning with New Gamboge, immediately dropping in Skips Green and then Cobalt Violet.  The big thing is to not mix a color but rather just let the colors merge and mingle on the paper.  Keep the paper elevated top to bottom and let it run, think loose and be bold.

Brush in a large dynamic piece of color under the first wash creating a more interesting collection of white shapes.  I am using a 1.5-inch wash brush to apply the paint so I am forced to stay away from too much detail and description.

Using a big round brush no. 16 and paint in the movement at the bottom again protecting the white paper.  The color I am using is a combination of Cobalt Blue and Cerulean Blue.  Although it is looking like water I am not trying to paint water specifically but I am trying to introduce a piece of moving color with expressive brushwork.

Without letting the colors dry I take a very longhaired brush and add details of trees, rocks and distant water.  I am using absolutely pure pigment with no water this helps keep these marks from spreading and creating blossoms.  I used the same colors I used earlier in the process to give this little painting a feeling of being unified and harmonious.

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  • MercedesFebruary 24, 2014 - 7:34 pm

    very interesting and very hard to do.ReplyCancel