Creative Jumpstarts: Quick Value Patterns

In your sketch book take a scene you are pretty comfortable with, it can be, as I am going to use, a relatively simple combination of old shacks and a row boat, but you could use a simple still life position on a flat surface.  Then I want you to change the value organization on the shapes to first see the potential changes to the composition with a change in value, and second it will give you the opportunity to try your hand at inventing the light patterns.  It is not easy but you can do it.  Just think, light from the back, light from the left and right and light from the front.  Give it is go this exercise will pay huge dividends down the road.  You will own the subject matter if you control the light and values.  I promise.light is coming from the front right creating shadows to the leftlight is from behind and to the left which causes the shadows on the front of the building and to the right of the shacks and boatlight is coming from behind the shacks and is very low which creates dark and long shadows.  This is early morning or late afternoon.This scene the light is from the left and behind the building which I used before but this time I got closer and gave a more focused and interesting composition.  After you find the light direction you want to use then play with the shapes and center of interest to make a more interesting painting.

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  • PatOctober 30, 2011 - 1:36 pm

    This is great timing for drawing class!ReplyCancel