Creative Jumpstarts: Feel the Drawing

Today our creative jumpstart will again focus on our drawing, and I want you to really keep the efforts short and concise.  Use a broad tipped drawing tool preferable one that is very soft so you can really move on its edge and work a nice range of values.  I am using a 6B pencil in a standard 11 x 14 bound sketch book.  Draw your subject with a gestural but feeling line using the whole piece of paper, I am sketching several of my students during my Maine workshop.  Really search the subject for distinctive characteristics that will give the drawing personality.  Tone the drawing by shading it and refine it with stronger lines more defining lines.  This will be fun and any subject will work, a potted geranium plant or a car in the driveway, just really get familiar with the subject.  Spend about 15 minutes on each drawing and try to do at least two.  You will be warmed up to really get on with your art.

11 x 14 drawing 6 B pencil in sketch book

11 x 14 drawing

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