Creative Jumpstarts: Quick Gestures of a Friend


Grab your sketch book, a favorite drawing tool and do some quick gesture drawings of a dog, cat, animals in the field, toddler at the playground.  Move quickly and look for clues to the movement and the character of the subject.  These will be hard if you are the perfectionist in the crowd, because animals and toddlers don’t stay still for very long making the perfect drawing a real impossibility.  Loosen up and lighten up on yourself remember you are trying to light the creative fire and that really doesn’t mean being perfect and always having perfect results.  Your journey as an artist will and should involve learning new skills and new ways to express yourself.  Drawing is the fundamental artistic skill and one that is really being overlooked in today’s world of digital images and projected drawings.  I have to thank my good friend Colleen for this lesson, it was her idea that I should sit around and sketch my wonderful new dog Sam the border collie.

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  • moira StevensonSeptember 11, 2011 - 5:49 pm

    🙂 but please do a portrait – I love this breed of dog.ReplyCancel